The St. Louis Live Steamers is an organization interested in the construction of large scale model railroads, in steam railroad history and operations, and in steam technology generally. The SLLS seeks to share these interests with the general public and provide opportunities in the community for everyone to learn about steam railroad history and technology. The name of the SLLS is taken from the traditional industrial term "live steam" which is steam under pressure capable of doing real work, in contrast to spent or exhaust steam.

Our trains are 1/8 scale, also known as 1.5 inches to the foot. The rails are spaced 7.5 inches apart and a section of the railroad has an additional rail spacing of 4.75 inches is used to accommodate one-inch scale equipment. The smaller scale was most popular in the 1940s through the 1960s and reflects the heritage of the organization.

The St. Louis Live Steamers were incorporated in November 1968.  We have been in the metropolitan St. Louis region since our founding in 1968, at several locations both public and private. In March of 2022 the club signed a new operating lease agreement with the city of Union, Missouri in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Department to build and operate a new train railroad in the Grant Avenue Park. The development of the new railroad is entirely funded by donations and the SLLS volunteer membership. No City, State or Federal monies are used for this effort.